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"Giving Help and Giving Pleasure"

  • Giving Individual Grants

Monetary grants are made to individual children whose caregivers have applied for assistance for them to participate in such activities as music lessons, clubs and organizations, sports groups and school camps. We respect the applicant’s right

to privacy in these applications.

See Contact Us page. 


  • Making Donations to Groups

As funds allow we make donations to local charities which assist children. Examples are: Autism NZ, Dunedin Otago region;  Foster Hope, which supports foster families; The Hart Walker for children with cerebral palsy. Groups can apply for donations on the Group Application Form.

See Contact Us page.

  • Joining Community Events

We participate in such events as the Santa Parade- usually transporting a Saturday morning music class orchestra and Special Rigs for Special Kids- giving free rides at the Edgar Stadium for participants.

  • Enhancing the Garden

CREST rides provide easy access to the Dunedin Botanic Garden especially for the elderly and handicapped. We take many seniors and rest home groups around the Garden each year as well as groups from schools and preschools. The Train is set up with ramps to take two people on board at a time in wheelchairs so they too can enjoy a ride.


With interesting commentaries on the history, features and plants we believe we add to the Garden’s attraction for all visitors including tourists.

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