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We welcome new members to our team. As well as drivers there are support people who can help the less able, do ticketing and maintenance. Full training and support is given.

You will meet a wide variety of people and help provide an enjoyable service which raises funds for children's charity.



We have a small but keen team of volunteers and the more we have the better service we can give. Volunteers assist for different periods of their choice, from a couple of hours a fortnight to a day or more a week . We also need replacements for team members who are away and suitable members for our board which meets monthly.

CREST is managed by a Board of Trustees of up to seven people some of whom may also be volunteers who help run Bluebell and the Shuttle Bug.

If interested in volunteering then when we are operating  at the Garden you can chat to one of our drivers who has a brochure available, or use the contacts below.


e-mail:   or go to "Contact Us' page.

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